Is injection moulding the right manufacturing process for your part?

Injection moulding insures consistency. Parts can be moulded from a wide variety of materials onto complex shapes, with tight tolerances at high rates of production.

Will you design and build my injection tools?

Gottfert Plastics does have an in-house tool room, and will definitely assist you with complete project management for new moulds and designs.

How much does a mould cost?

The prices of moulds vary greatly, depending on part complexity and the number of cavities required. Get in touch with us for a more accurate estimation of costing.

Can you assemble my parts?

We do offer off-site, in-plant assembly and packaging services, along with any related requirements you may have.

What information do you need to quote on my project?

We require part prints or CAD files as the first step. Part samples or prototypes, if available, are always helpful. We also need specifics, such as material, annual part quantity and budgetary estimates.

Can my mould be modified if i change my part designs?

Yes, the moulds can be modified to suit your changing product requirements.

Why should i entrust my project to Gottfert Plastics?

We have many years’ worth of experience delivering effective solutions to our customers. Over time, we have perfected the art of injection moulding, and can ensure the production of high-quality parts and tooling to a wide variety of industries.

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