Before we “cut steel”, our technical team meets with the client to confirm all aspects of the required manufacture. Details such as:

  • cavitation required to meet sales forecast and Market demand
  • suggest changes to increase mould efficiency (heating/cooling dimensions)
  • Steel required /shot guarantees
  • Other special technical requirements, such as ejector options, unscrewing devices, runner systems, tolerances, etc.

Also, we will discuss with you the various options of polymer, and understand your expectations of your product or component’s performance in its end-use application. Our toolmakers and technical team will provide expert advice to ensure compatibility, so that you can meet the technical requirements of your customers. Moulds are then manufactured on our in-house CNC machines. All mould polishing and finishing is also offered by us.

Once the mould is completed, the ‘first-off’ samples are run, for your sign-off. Final adjustments are then made, to your satisfaction.

Lead times vary, depending on mould size and complexity.

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